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From the moment you enter Live Oak County Vet Clinic, you and your pet will receive quality treatment. We help care for your pet by offering quality health services through a responsive, professional team of friendly, knowledgeable, caring individuals. Your pet will receive personal attention in a state-of-the-art facility from a team that is genuinely committed to helping them live a long, happy, & healthy life. We also provide countless services for your large animal livestock. Bring in your livestock for prevention, illness, repro-work, or treatment with Dr. Luthringer. Schedule your appointment today!  


Live Oak County Veterinary Services is a mixed animal practice located between Three Rivers and George West. We strive to provide top, quality care for our patients, and comfort to our clients knowing their animal is receiving the best medical, surgical, and emergency care at an affordable rate.

The Clinic first started out in 2015 by a Three River Native, Dr. Tyler Luthringer, who practiced solely out of his veterinary truck. Being mobile proved to be limited and difficult in providing additional services, however Dr. Lurthinger had a much bigger plan set in place. He bought some land and a very small, compact building behind his newly built large animal facility. A short two years later, Luthringer built the incredible facility we have now. He introduced new technology, equipment, services, and surgery, giving this area the veterinary care it desperately needed. We offer comprehensive medical, surgical, and emergency services and are dedicated to providing the upmost care for our clients to ensure all needs are met in a timely fashion. Dr. Luthringer and the staff regularly attend continuing education seminars, introduce new equipment, and add new services to provide the best care and options for our patients. Our doors at LOCVS are always open to new clients, and we welcome you to check out our new facility.


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