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Large Animal Wellness & Prevention

Herd Health/Preventative Medicine

No matter what stage of life from newborn to geriatric animals, LOCVS can provide you with a comprehensive health protocol, tailored to fit your animal’s (or herd's) specific needs. These protocols include services such as Vaccinations, Internal parasite evaluation, De-worming, Fertility testing, Palpation/Ultrasonography for pregnancy, Teeth floating, Digital or Paper Coggins testing, and Health certificates.


Horses routinely suffer from dental problems associated with injury, infection, abnormal or continuous teeth growth, and mal-alignment of the mouth. These dental problems can lead to issues with performance, weight, and overall health. Our veterinarians are well trained in the newest techniques of dental assessment and power floating to diagnose and correct oral problems to ensure your animal’s mouth healthy and pain-free.


Lameness evaluation plays a crucial role in making sure your animal is sound and able to perform at optimal level. Whether the lameness is in the foot, joints, bones, tendons and ligaments, or muscles, our team is trained to thoroughly evaluate your animal to diagnose the problem and provide the proper treatment to start the healing process.

Pre-purchase Examination

Buying the right horse can be a long and difficult process. Let the team at Live Oak County Vet Services provide a comprehensive evaluation of the horse you are purchasing to determine soundness and identify any problems or potential problems that may arise in the future.

Digital Ultrasonography

Digital ultrasonography allows our veterinarians to instantaneously image soft tissue structures to aid an immediate diagnosis. Our digital ultrasound units provides high resolution images to detect early pregnancy in horses and cattle.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography captures extremely high quality images in a digitized format that allows our veterinarians to manipulate seeing structures clearly and effectively. The captured images can be emailed to the client, referring veterinarian, or referral hospital prior to surgery or treatment.

LOCVS works hard to ensure wellness and prevention for your animals. We even make Farm Calls for those who can't make it into the clinic. If your in need of a routine exam, vaccines, or farm call give us a call & schedule an appointment today,


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