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Large Animal Surgery

LOCVS offers a wide variety of large animal surgeries, from routine castrations, umbilical hernias, to laceration repairs. Whether your circumstance is scheduled or requires a emergency procedure, we will do our best to provide exceptional care for your animal. Some of our surgical procedures include:


  •   Castration (Cryptorchid) 

  •   Umbilical Hernia Repair ​​

  •   Cattle & Goat Cosmetic Dehorn

  •   Sheep Cosmetic Tail Dock

  •   Cesarean Section

  •   Laceration Repair

  •   Enucleation 

  •   Bovine Digit Amputation








When your in need of a Large Animal Surgery, you can always count on LOCVS! Give us a call and schedule an appointment or if you have an emergency call 361-449-5440, if it's after hours, leave a voicemail and the Doctor on call will call you back! 

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