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Sickness & Injury

Sickness exams 

Even with the best preventive medicine programs, animals will still get sick, and we will be available to help diagnose and treat them. We are also available for Farm Calls!


Lameness evaluation plays a crucial role in making sure your animal is sound and able to perform at optimal level. Whether the lameness is in the foot, joints, bones, tendons and ligaments, or muscles, our team is trained to thoroughly evaluate your animal to diagnose the problem and provide the proper treatment to start the healing process.


Equine colics are a relatively common disorder of the digestive system. Horses will thrash around, paw at their stomachs, roll on the ground, or be unable to pass feces. Depending on severity, LOCVS will administer light sedation, place a nasal-gastric tube, pump mineral oil into the stomach, and hospitalize fore 24hours or until feces is passed. 


Calving problems are inevitable & at LOCVS we do our absolute best to help save both the mother and her calf. Our skilled Veterinarians will help assist in the delivery of the calf, aid in the mother's recovery and in some cases perform c-sections. 


Prolapses in large animals are a fairly common occurrence and usually a simple fix. In most cases, we repair the vaginal, cervical, or rectal prolapse and place several stitches across the vulva to hold it closed and prevent future prolapses.

Why Choose Live Oak County Veterinary Services?



Our skilled veterinarians and technicians put essential skills and current medical practices into place for your animal.


LOCVS is a newly built, modern facility in between George West and Three Rivers on Hwy 281. Our facility was built in 2018 and is located for the convenience of both cities and the rural ranchers and farmers. We have well working pens and hydraulic chute, along with fully equipped stock for horses.


Get to the bottom of your herd's health problems with clear digital x-rays, or ultrasound. LOCVS also features an in-house laboratory to process bloodwork, urinalysis, and fecal tests to ensure your animal is diagnosed as quickly and efficiently as possible.


If your sick or injured animal needs surgery, Live Oak County Vet Services is a destination you can trust. We have a brand new monitor to oversee all our patients’ vital signs and and experienced technicians who closely monitor anesthesia during surgery. From gruesome cuts, sole abcesses, routine castrations, to broken limbs, LOCVS is willing to assist in any injury your animal has. 


LOCVS has a great in-house pharmacy that alleviates any head aches when you have to get medications for your animal.


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