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The veterinarians at LOCVS are well trained and skilled in many routine reproductive techniques. Some producers may want to plan when their herd comes into heat to get all their livestock synced together. Or you may be in need of a new bull for your herd and need a Breeding Soundness Exam (fertility test). We provide a wide range of assistance in many different species including horses, cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs. Whatever your reason for wanting assistance with your reproduction needs, our clinic is fully equipped to help!  

Reproductive Services Include:

  • Estrus and Ovulation Synchronization

  • Artificial Insemination

  • Male Breeding Soundness Exams

  • Semen Evaluation

  • Tritrichomonas testing

  • Palpation/Ultrasound for Pregnancy 

  • C-Sections

  • Birthing Assistance 

These services, at LOCVS, will help equip you to have a safe and successful breeding season. Dr. Luthringer is well versed in Reproduction and ready to assist in any way he can. Call us today to schedule a consult 361-449-5440!

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