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For Dogs at LOCVS

Here, at Live Oak County Vet Services, we are offering reproductive services for the canine species. Our veterinarians have interests in the latest techniques and procedures for breeding your pet. We provide the whole range of service from consultation, appropriate testing, to artificial insemination, and even planned cesarean sections. Our Repro Services include: 

  • Progesterone Testing - for dog’s in heat to assist with timed artificial insemination or natural breeding

  • Male Fertility Testing - semen analysis  

  • Vaginal Artificial Insemination - breeding the female with on-site collection of male or using shipped semen 

  • Surgical Artificial Insemination - semen implantation, under general anesthesia, directly injected into the uterine horns

  • Ultrasonography - usually done 25-30 days after initial breeding to detect pregnancy

  • C-Section - elective surgery indicated for specific breeds & females with a history of whelping problems, or emergency situations concerning exhausted females or breeched births.


These services, at LOCVS, will help equip you to have a safe and successful breeding experience for you and your animal. Dr. Luthringer and staff are well versed in Reproduction and ready to assist in any way they can. Call us today to schedule a consult 361-449-5440!

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