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Equine Dental

LOCVS Teeth Float


Regular dental care is essential to your horse's health and well being. A horse's teeth continuously grow throughout its lifetime, and sharp points can develop along the tooth edges. Lack of regular teeth floating or filing may lead to inefficient chewing, discomfort with the bit, excessive tooth wear, and even broken or lost teeth. Signs that your horse may need its teeth floated can include dropping feed from the mouth, long stems of hay or whole grains in the feces, bad breath, episodes of colic or choke, head tossing and fighting the bit, foul smelling nasal discharge or swelling of the face. A dental exam every 6-12 months is recommended to maintain proper position and contact of the teeth, and therefore allow your horse to be comfortable and perform at its best. Having your horse's teeth checked and floated regularly is the best way to prevent these problems and will help your horse live a longer happier life.

Generally, here at Live Oak County Vet Services we lightly sedate horses for the dental procedure and use a special power float to grind down their teeth, preventing 'hooks' or 'waves'. This is a common & reasonably safe procedure. Dr. Luthringer and his technicians would love to help keep your horses' teeth in excellent condition. Schedule your horse's teeth float today 361-449-5440! 

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